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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an image and style consultant?

An image and style consultant is someone that focuses on the person as a whole. They consult someone to find the best style, colour, and wardrobe for their unique figure. In contrast to a personal stylist, an image consultant also focuses on building a relationship with their clients along with building their clients’ confidence and perception of self. 

What does an image consultant do?
An image consultant uses specific colour drapes to do a client’s colour analysis. This determines which colour group they belong to out of the twelve colour groups. It also determines which colours suit their skin tone along with which hair and makeup colours suit them the best. They also do specific body measurements to determine the client’s body shape, neck length, and bone structure. Through these measurements, we will determine which styles, jewellery, haircuts, and fabric prints suit your body best. An image consultant also gives etiquette tips, as well as job interview and body language tips if the occasion calls for it.

Who needs and image consultant?
Everyone needs an image consultant.  The person who would like to look their best or needs a confidence boost. The person who is going for a job interview and wants to put their best foot forward. The graduate, the stay-at-home mom, all the single ladies, the bride, and the businesswomen. 

How many sessions do I need to maintain my style?
Most people only need one colour and style session. However, an image consulting is about the person as a whole, therefore her clients almost always stay in touch for when advice is needed.

What if I don’t have a lot of money for a new wardrobe?
At Heart and Hanger Image Consultancy, I try my best to work with the budget you have at your disposal. I will help you to determine which items are the most important to add to your capsule wardrobe first.

Will you do a consultation at my house?
Yes, for the wardrobe planning services, I do come to your house. I will also be willing to come to your house for a consultation or group workshop on special request. If it is out of town, a mileage fee may apply.

Is there a specific age group you work with?
There are no specific age groups that I work with. I work with all ages, races, and genders.

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